Jail Without the Cage?

person holding string lights photo
Photo by David Cassolato on Pexels.com

Do you ever feel shame for something in your past, that you feel if others knew they would put you down, or call you stupid, maybe its just something that you do to yourself that no one else would even know if you did not mention it, but deep inside you know. That God knows.

I know the things you do because I am human, just like you, however I am also Catholic, and often people say to to me why do you feel you need to confess to a priest instead of directly to God himself. Well, first of all I am allowed to do both, but let me tell you about confessing to a Priest.

A Priest is not like any other man, Priests hear the sins, concerns, indiscretions and sadness of the sinner, the absolution I recieve for my sins with God’s authority, and they forget it, it is never ever mentioned again, not to the sinner (unless they bring it up) or by the priest.

It is forgotten, just as God forgets and forgives when you go to him directly.  So why do I go to the priest. It is simple, I am human and I need to hear God speak, and I believe he speaks to me in todays world through His priests. I need the voice and the answers that often come with it. I also need to trust, so this is the ultimate trust.

I know some of you are saying how does that Priest have authority under God, We’ll how do you know he don’t ?  I have peace of mind and heart and that is the point.

Have you ever told someone something that was eating away at you from the inside, had them seem so understanding, and then they told someone else or threw it in your face the first time they were angry or did not get their way.  Real life events like that get in the way of trusting others and growing, they limit your scope of relationships and people because of they other person’s indiscretions and shortcomings, so how do we trust again?

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything of your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Don’t assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil! Your body will glow with health, your very bones will vibrate with life!   Proverb 3: 5-10

What a wonderful promise we have in God’s word, Promise after Promise, to look after us and be with us in everything.

People will disappoint us, they will think like people, but when we learn to trust and find close friends and mentors, who except us for who we are. We have an opportunity to grow, and in growth we have forgiveness for others, we realize that without God’s word and good guidance we would be the one’s disappointing others, grace is given to me, I must give grace to others, it is a perfect action.

God is kind, but he is not soft,. In kindness he takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change. Romans 2:4

Going against the grain we will always get splinters, no matter what neighborhood you come from, no matter how your were taught, no matter which schools you attended.  But if you embrace the way God does things, there are wonderful payoffs, and it don’t matter who you are are where you come from.

Confession will be needed from all of us from time to time, but when we have the courage to embrace the opportunity’s that God himself offers, our lives will be more amazing than we can imagine, after all he is the master planner, his disapline is just, our conscience is his disapline. It’s that simple if we let it be.

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