LIMITLESS! Powerful Mind….

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When you know that how you think affects everything in you life, who you marry, how much money you make, what kind of home you live in, your ability to create, and be creative, the people around you, why would you ever even consider having a poor attitude about anything?

You are in control of your Exceptional! Your attitude will literally change everything in your life! Okay it may not change the house you live in, however, it may change how you see the house you live in. And if it does you will be grateful for the house you live in.

Your vision of your life will be your vision, your attitude is what will control what that vision looks like. You are the only master of your attitude, you are the one who decides how successful you are, how you feel, and where you will go in life, what you will create, who you will create it with, how much money you will make, it is all built into your attitude.

Maybe you desire to be a writer, painter, artist, piano player, musician, sports professional, marathon runner, triatholon competitor, whatever it is your attitude will always be what turns on your creativity or lack of creativity.

Do you know any pouters, you know the people who play sad and try to play on your attention. They can never do anything, go anywhere, help anyone, and worse yet they want you to be like them, and if you are not, they do not approve of you?

Well good for them! Because I don’t look for approval from people who turn them selves in to mental munchkins with no future, no life, No hope, can’t help, won’t try individuals, I mentally give those people to God, I know he can handle them, and because I know God I also know I do not need or want the mental munchkins approval. I want to shake them and say you can choose to me exceptional! This is the day that God made for you, be glad in it, hope in it, change you mind, change everything in your world. Its true what you think is true.

Jesus had an exceptional attitude, he did not bother with those who did not bother with him, he let them go their own way.

Matthew 6:22-23 Says: The Message in todays language.

Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dark cellar. If you pull the blinds on your windows, what a dark life you will have!

Are your window’s open? If not lets open them up! You are in control, you have the ability to say, I am going to have a happy and wonderful and awesome day, I am going to make this day happy and wonderful and awesome for those around me! And no matter what others do, or how they act or treat me I will continue on.

I will be limitless, happy, excited and joyful as I work through whatever I need to work through, I will find the blessing in every situation today! I will always have an exceptional attitude and live abundantly!

Imagine how you become fly repellant to negative people, how repulsed they are by you and how they no longer come around, your exceptional attitude has just resolved your problems with people that always brought you down!

People want to be around happy people, successful people, people that think and act like they act , others want to be with people of exceptional attitude like themselves. Now you can see how your business, or lack of business will be dependent on your exceptional attitude. Excited Integrity, and Honest Good Work with Exceptional attitude will make everything honorable that you do limitless, when you change how you see things and wash your windows you take on a whole new life.

When you arrive at a meeting in a bad mood you are intruding on the peace and serenity of everyone else in that meeting, when your attitude is to go in and show your Ass with your negative power, You showed folks something alright, and what you showed them had nothing to do with them and everything to do with you, anytime someone has done that to me I have learned one thing about that person, run!

Don’t stop run fast the other way! It’s a great way to burn calories and keep your exceptional attitude. I run away often saying Lord I give them to you, I know I do not need to handle or tolerate this negative, abusive, individual, family member, customer In my life or my practice, God please take them away, and he does, better than Calgon!

God made all the good things in this world for his people and yes his people can have a bad attitude, but not for long if they read his word, I have had people apologize and change their attitude, and I have done the same, and we are great friends today, it is important to be open minded with the end goal that everything going on is beneficial to everyone involved. If its not move one.

When you choose to use your eyes to see the good in all things, everything will change, you will change, your income will change, your financial situation will look different, your family will look different, how you see your world will change, what you are willing to give will change, your talents and creativity will blossom, and most of all you will be able to live:

A Joyful, Limitless, Exciting, Happy, Amazing, In Control, Life!

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