Chicken Hawk!

selective photography of flying black falcon
Photo by Nigam Machchhar on

The large bird sweeps in and steals a chicken, that’s grounds for a serious talk. We lost a little Indian Runner Duck and another dark colored domestic to one of these Angry birds lately. That darn bird called him Lunch, I called him Chocolate.

The problem isn’t the hawk it is the hawks programming, he is a preditor by nature, his mother taught him to be, I am sure it is a positive survival skill for a hawk, for the domestic ducks and chickens he preys on, not so much.

The hawk is just being a hawk, but unfortunately that is the problem. He would swoop in for lunch and eventually bring friends. How do I reprogram him?

Birds and People really arn’t that different, some people do everything they can to dig there talons into you and eat you alive, they take more than I can explain in a sentence, but we have to let them.

No one can take anything that you are not willing to give . Not all people are Hawks, Vultures, or Turkeys, Many are Eagles, Cardinals, Wood Peckers, and Blue Jays. Each with their own personality and others with a lot of color and sass.

Is their sass positive or negative? How are they programmed, are they doing all the don’ts and can’ts they were taught growing up?

One thing I can say for that Hawk is he has his head in the clouds, he is soaring and dreaming of his lunch. When was the last time you dreamed?

Our brain can be reprogrammed to know and believe something that is the exact opposite of what it was programmed as a toddler or child, as children we hear the words NO, something like 150,000 times before we are 18 years of age, and we hear Yes, or you can do it, or I believe in you many cases, only a few times. Can you see why your brain thinks it cannot do something?

The good news is we can reprogram ourselves repetitiously, So whatever you think is true, or can become true for you, every positive think you do and say becomes a new imprint on your brain, literally and eventually stamping out old messages, so go ahead tell yourself you are worthy of all the good things God intended for you in the first place. I am not talking about the religion you may have been raised with that left another kind of scar I am talking about what God says in his promises for you his child. (Reference what he says for you in an ancient book called the Bible.)

As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. And so is he: Eat and Drink, Saith to thee; but his heart is not with thee. Proverbs 23:7

So we are what we eat and what we think, if you think that’s not true, look in the mirror, how is you skin, your waistline, does your hair shine?  Do you smoke? Smell like an ashtray? How is your attitude, its all relevant. All this information is based on your own self evaluation of yourself, its time for another opinion, a bigger opinion.

No one can do anything to you that you are not willing to let them do. What is your programming, have you been told you must do that, its just the way it is, you better except it, it will probably get worse. Why would you consciously decide to do that, God does not say you are supposed to be treated badly by anyone, under any circumstance.

As children we cannot stop much, some children are smart enough to take off and run, I live with a man that knew to our run this father. He saw his older brother get smacked around, he decided to run, and he never regretted it. He would escape and think it through, he grew up to be a good man, who thinks rightly of himself and others.

The greatest gift you will ever own is your dreams and the ability to hang on to them. To know that the hawk cannot swoop in and take you, the lion will not have you for lunch today. You get to control what goes on between your ears and in doing so you will gain control, and self control in many areas that seemed impossible before, your creativity will blossom.

Don’t get your head out of the clouds, get it in the clouds, day dream, let God’s inspiration guide and inspire you, do everything that the adults told you not to do because it was inconvenient to them, unproductive to them.

It was where they lived mentally you must take this part of your life back, go dream, think of the last time you just laid on the ground as a child and how good it felt. The last time you sat in a tree, road a horse with your grandpa, what ever it is go look for that God given part of yourself.

Since God Assured us,  “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly quote, God is there, ready to help: I’m fearless no matter what, Who or what can get to me? Hebrews 13:6

With God’s promises in place I can assure you that he never wanted you to fall prey to the programming that this world gives our minds, hearts and souls.

He wants you to be successful so you can achieve all he inspires of you and desires for you, and in doing so you don’t have to eat crow like that old hawk.

God lives in you, just as I imagine he lives in all things, the duck couldn’t defend himself because he was to small, and this is true of us as children, however as adults we get to choose our programming and since God lives in me, and no one can get to me without going through him first.

I will stand up and let him be the leader, and he says I am His child, he provides good programming for me through his word, and the positive words of others, and if its not positive, honorable and uplifting we can walk away. God wants good things for you his child.

Do not be swallowed up by failing to learn.

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