Professional Network Marketing: What?

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Definitely a legitimate way of doing business, but not a sign up and get rich with just a few friends and family members.  Network Marketing Professionals have simple systems with consistent work ethic involving literally working their new-found opportunity into the nooks and cranny’s, as no one has free time, in fact if you think about your time you have been using it all up, every day, forever.

In Professional Network Marketing the amount of effort will reveal the amount of reward eventually, commitment is the secret with the process, working within the given system week in and week out perhaps with not much return, and then suddenly getting paid for every hour you worked and every hour worked by your down line or your personally sponsored people, the secret here is don’t quit before the miracle happens.

First of all, all Network Marketing programs bring a Product, usually a very good product, world-class, pure ingredient requirements, Green, Beneficial and inspiring to the users, look at the product first, make sure it is a product that is in alignment with your own quality standards. This will be very important as you should be one of your own customers in your new mall, if you don’t love it, you will not represent it well. Network success or lack of it is 100% on you, it’s not the company’s fault ever. The company knows how the product must show results to sustain its members or users. To do the business successfully, personal self development should be your middle name.

The Opportunity,  whatever the success plan is it is not the fault of those above or below you, it is only that others are there as a support system, thank them, you are the owner of your company, how it goes or does not go is in your hands, there are lots of books out there such as Go Pro By Eric Worre, and many others. You sign up you use the products, you own your new company, and if you learn skills that are geared to the success of the Networking Profession, you will succeed with time.

Personal Developement is a must, read, listen, learn the tools, create your own opportunities, it is not someone else’s fault if you don’t succeed, If you don’t work in the secular world of working, you don’t get paid, however if you do work, the possibilities are endless in network marketing.

If you sponsor one person a month you truthfully will not get far 20 new people in 30 days will however, you must go much faster to build momentum and your organization, then teach them the skills to sponsor and share products with others, then at the end of a year your organization will have approximately 4096 people in your organization, do that for 3 years and you have created exponential growth, and do it long enough and the snow ball will roll on it own, average about 7 years.

However it is not a lottery ticket it is consistent effort and systems that create depth and longevity. Set number of appointments each week, product presentations for groups, and one on one. Adding two or more people each day to your network is highly recommended.

So you will have customers who love the product and order as needed, Others who join the business and dabble, or even work consistently for a few hundred dollars a Month and then there are those who work consistently, put in the sweat equity, and become millionaires, or even billionaires, at the end of the day it is on you, what do you want, how hard will you work, what are you willing to give up to get there, your vision is your future.

God gave us all different talents. We should use them to glorify him, what ever we do we should do the next right thing. And know that we are all where we are supposed to be.

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