Dabhar! God Spoke!

selective focus photo of brown and silver rosary
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We can trust the voice when It calls out to us, and we can trust the words that the voice speaks to us.

Dabhar: God Spoke, in the Hebrew language, God Spoke all things into being, we listen and have the courage to follow through.

Life is a funny thing, we say strange things about it, such as its taking its toll, or perhaps we should do something different within it, should I do this or that? Or am I about to make another mistake? Jello mold me, as though it is something to mold, or bubbles to burst, but mostly I think we should live it, God wants us to be happy and live it. God speaks through us and to us, we need only listen, and gifts are given that allow us to live more richly.

Today the last thing I said to my friend was I may not see you again, She is dying of terminal cancer, I told her,  I will see you on the other side, we know the same big guy. Jesus, I Love you and GoodBye.

Every time I go through this, this side of heaven I do not understand, I am only glad I am allowed Goodbye’s, I wish and  I think I should do more, complain less, be more helpful and never quit being hopeful.

It is a good thing we do not know when our days will be finished, we do not know our expiration date, I must try to do as much as I can, as long as I can.

When I listen to what is going on inside me I always think, is this God’s voice talking to me or me talking to myself? Maybe its the same thing, the Holy Spirit within me whispers intuition into my soul, Devine guidence.

This must be a careful place to travel, a place where I could hear myself to get what I want or I could hear God, how do I know the difference? Does what I hear come into alignment with God’s word? Does God take me out of my comfort zone to serve him?

What a wonder it is to not understand, life, death, any of it, for if we could understand, it is not God.

If I don’t understand it and can’t explain it, I believe that is God working in my life.

My Life is a listening, His is a Speaking, My salvation is to hear and respond.

—Thomas Merton

God spoke the heavens and earth into being, he spoke me into being, he knew who I was, what I would do, what would hurt my heart, what trouble others would make for me, and what trouble I would make for myself because of it all, if only I learned to listen to that voice inside sooner, if only I could have only known that the only opinion that mattered was God’s, and that was it.

I had to learn that my value did not come from others, it can from God, I am worthy and of honor through him, with him and by him. I had to learn to listen to the incarnate word whispered into me, We are to listen for and recognize God’s voice within us as well.

I am to become the word that is whispered into me. Today I was allowed to be a comforter, a Messager and a reminder of God’s perfect plan for each of us. He worked it out, just as he had so many times before.

As I have learned to listen and know His voice, I have also learned that I must trust His voice, leading me to be all that he would create me to be, I must trust him and move with his courage though my fear, I must listen and act.

It is His voice I listen to that wakes me up in the morning, keeps me breathing in the deep sleep of night, allows my heart to beat another day, lifts me up in excitement and calms my anxiety, hold my tears of pain in a bottle.

I must learn to know and trust His voice, and yes God’s voice often sounds like me. God’s voice will often send me in another direction, lead me where I need to be to serve him, provides the leads I need to know who and where to serve. As I seek God’s will for my life His voice is loud and clear.

Jesus said, it is not to hear you or me, but to hear the one who sent me. God’s voice echo’s deep within my soul, His voice of the one who made me. I must not be afraid to trust what I hear, for if I find and hear him, I find myself, and If I do find myself, I have found him also.

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