Making a Difference

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Why is it that human beings believe that in order to make a difference they have to do something grand, why can’t they just realize that the simple things in life are what we do day-to-day to help one another. It’s the simple things like opening a door for someone who has their hands, taking over one slice of cake for the person who lives alone, offering a ride to church to the elderly neighbor who is afraid to drive in bad weather. I think we live in a world where things have been way too complicated for a long time.

Everybody has something they can do for someone else. Maybe it’s something as simple as sharing a cup of coffee and a doughnut, maybe it’s just taking something from your garden over to the neighbor. Maybe it’s just the simplest of gifts, an invitation to the person that’s going to be alone without you, extravagance is not required to be a friend.

I remember so many holidays were we all piled into my grandmother and grandfather’s house, it seemed like a mansion in reality it was a kitchen, living room, bedroom with two upstairs bedrooms and a porch on both ends, it always smelled of cooked noodles and baked duck, there were always squash pies and apple cakes, in addition to mashed potatoes and wild rice dressing. And let’s not forget the cranberry salad, and orange Jell-O salad with pineapple and cheese, and maybe just maybe a cherry cheesecake.

The rooms in that house were not big, the dishes were not fancy, the people were not overdressed, but the fellowship was immediate, and credible not to mention adventurous, after dinner we would go on a hike, down to the creek and back, we would work up our appetite for the second round of dessert.

But what I remember the most is the smiles, the little treasures grandma would bring out of the back room for everyone, whether it be mittens, or marshmallow cookie. Everyone celebrated, however we were not all equal, grandma didn’t believe it dumbing anyone down to make them equal to someone else.

Everyone had value, no one was better than anyone else. If anyone had an attitude problem it was their problem, hush, hush, hush, not allowed to inflict that on anyone else.

so as you go into this holiday season, please just try to make a difference, make it with your presence, your smile, and your ability to bring fun joy and a wonderful attitude to every situation in your life.

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