Is Your New Year in need a Neuro/associative visitor?

light black and white man person
Photo by Siobhan Dolezal on

Every year I watch the Christmas Carol and every year I see Ebenezer Scrooge get a major adjustment, mega change in attitude, let’s just say that he had three neuroassociated ghostly… guests during that Christmas Eve night that changed the direction of his life in one visit. Snap a little pain and he was off to a new beginning. You might say that his pain brought him great pleasure in the end.

Old Ebenezer had no idea that he was not rich because he was grouchy, he was rich because he worked hard when everyone went home, he stayed, he was frugal and thrifty, he didn’t buy things he didn’t need.

And he had no idea that his own pain kept him from feeling the joy of all people. He had no idea that his fear of that pain, kept him from enjoying family, friends, society, music, helping others, because he didn’t even make himself comfortable.

Ebenezer basically, got to go back and take a good look at what he had done and what he had failed to do, he was given a great gift in the fact that he had the opportunity to make it all right before it was over, he had the opportunity to say he was wrong, he was sorry, he could do better, to give more, he could choose to live happy. you might say Ebenezer had a mental health adjustment.

if you died right now today, what would be your regret? What talents do you have that you know you have that you have failed to use? What are all the things that you would regret leaving un-done if today was your last day?

The difference between Ebenezer and myself is, Ebenezer was awakened one night, he was enlightened, he did not know what he had missed in his isolation and lack of technology.

However, for us today, even to suggest such a thing would be such a big lie. We all know the truth we know where were lacking, Lord knows if we don’t know someone’s going to tell us just give them a few minutes.

And if we do know and we don’t do anything about it, then I guess we do have that neuroassociative need for a ghost to rattle our chains, to get us in gear, to help someone else because to do so is to help ourselves. We can honestly say we chose to miss an opportunity to live life to the fullest. However is that your goal? Not mine. I will live life to the very fullest, I will share my love and happiness with all around me who want it, and accept me, and I will not worry about those who do not cannot and will not share my life with their selfish excuses, I will think on them no more.

Going into this new year I hope each of you will find a way to adjust your attitude, to admit when your sorry, and you’re wrong, if only to yourself so you can live a better life leaving that part of you life and yourself behind, so you can share with those who want you in their life, none of us can do anything about the people who turn us away, they are a special kind of ghost.

The crunchy kind. Bake some cookies that look like them and bite off their heads!

Forgive yourself for your part in it and move on. You can’t make people more than they are, however, you can make you all you can, be have a very blessed 2019!

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