Secrets and Garlic

What is the difference between sin? Some folks believe that all sin is equal, a sin is sin no matter how slight or egregious, personally I don’t think it is that simple.

According to the sin definition of venial sin: a relatively slight sin that , that does not entail damnation of the soul. Venial being slight: losing your patient nature for example.

Now lets look at Mortal sin: in Catholic theology, is a gravely sinful act, which can lead to the damnation of a person if the person does not repent of the sin before death…Despite its gravity, a person can repent of having committed a mortal sin. Such repentance is the primary requisite for forgiveness and absolution. Forever forgotten and never an issue again in any Christian faith. Now if only Christians could remember they do not need to identify each other by their sins!

There are three conditions necessary for mortal sin to exist: the grave matter.

Grave Matter: the act itself is intrinsically evil and immoral, for example, murder, rape, incest, perjury, adultery and so on are grave matter. Full Knowledge: the person must know that what they’re doing or planning to do is evil and immoral.

All of us commit venial sins, day to day, what we do and fail to do, what we think, thoughts, words and deeds, done or left undone. Humanity at its best, no matter how good we try to be, we can never be anything but human, all we can do is seek God’s will day to day. And do our best to do our best, stay conscious of what is going on around us, so we do not get caught up to much in the muck of our world day to day.

Now lets look at that Mortal sin: I have always felt that Murder and a white lie was seen differently by God, but I also know that God is just and he always calls me out even with the slightest bit of conscience. A white lie is certainly negligible, and needs to be forgiven, however it may hurt the person telling it more than anything else.

Now Murder, that is another story, it kills the life of a human being, it takes away the ability of the victim to make final confession for his own soul, it destroys families and friends, and it eats at the soul of the murder, and because he had full knowledge of what he or she he was doing was wrong.

Rape is no different, recently I heard of a situation where a person bargained with another to rape someone, the bargaining was just as evil as the act, both guilty? The scriptures say you only have to think about it to commit it.

Over a simple secret that was told in a lesson for someone else, not as a slight of character or a ploy to expose someone else, just a lesson, in the lesson a young person reveals that he does not need to use protection during sex because he can tell by looking who has a sexually transmitted decease.

In concern the mother told the child that is a reckless idea, we have a friend that comes to the house often, and they have a disease like that how did you know? Who he said, he could not believe anyone he ever knew had a disease of sexually immoral acts. When his mother told him he was surprised, being friends with this woman’s son the child made the mistake of revealing the long kept secret to her child. The woman was very angry, the story revealing woman apologized as no harm was met, only a lesson to her son that she could not tell by looking.

The woman arranged to personally Rape the woman who had revealed the secret to her son. To give her, her own disease, to teach the lesson, she is a foolish woman as the Lord says in all circumstances vengeance is mine!

She committed incest to with her brother to receive the house key and night entrance to the woman’s house that was the secret teller. She thought this woman would never remember because of the medication she is prescribed to a sleep disorder. She raped her with a razor blade and a foreign object to give the woman her transmittable disease, she knowingly and deliberately while on her own period, transferred blood with intent to do harm.

She did several mortal sins in this one egregious act.

In mortal sin and egregious act is a shocking, appalling, terrible, awful, horrendous, frightful, atrocious, abominable, abhorrent, outrageous, monstrous, heinous,dire,unspeakable, shameful, unforgivable, intolerable, dreadful: an egregious error in judgement. That an individual chose to do to someone else knowing the full accountability of their own soul under Man’s and God’s laws.

No matter what some else has done, the Lord says revenge is mine! The young woman had apologized, said she was sorry and she was wrong to tell her son the secret of her friend that she had held in trust for more than 10 years, her son and the infected woman’s son promised to never tell anyone else.

Once something is said it can never be taken back, it was made as right as it could be and yet this woman chose to seek vengeance, she is accountable, how will she feel when everyone in her town knows this story, her younger son, and her mother will know, her brother is a direct part of her conspiracy, he will be arrested with her for violating his girlfriend through his sister, as the victim was breaking up with him. They will both be on the sexual assault registry, and because of the choices they made everyone will know because of vengeance the story they were angry at one person for telling. No common sense here.

God will forgive these people if they do truly repent, however God will also let them go to prison and receive their justice publicly in our world, what they thought they had gotten away with will follow them as long as they live, when convicted the national registers for sex offenders will hold there names, every time they move they will have to re-allocate to their bad acts, even if they change there name,what they did continues to tell everyone, everywhere, what they did, they have no secrets and this reporter is telling everyone out their that the law is there for you to have justice, and there is no statute of limitations on sexual bad acts.

The craziest part is this all happened over one secret, secrets really do reveal the sickness of humanity. Keep no secrets.

A secret kept is potent as garlic.

And it was all because one person found out, child best friends talked and the adults chose a punishment worse than any venial sin, that will haunt them on earth for the rest of there lives.

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