Do You Love Me?

Christ asked this question to Peter three times. And each time Peter said yes. “Yes, Lord I love you.

The first time was a simple yes, Lord, I love you.

The second time was a YES! Lord, I Love you.

The Third time, Peter “Said. “ Yes, Lord I love you, you know I do, you know everything.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

As Jesus Christ was asking them directly to you? Ask them now… what is your personal conviction?

Christ told Peter…Feed My Sheep…Feed my sheep… and FOLLOW ME. My ways, my commands. Have a relationship with me… Desire Me…Focus on Me…Receive my peace.

As we live our lives, I do not believe God wants us to do should. Should is what the world expects, not what God expects. We have nothing to prove to God.

Should help the poor.

Should read my bible.

Should pray.

Should serve.

Should help others.

I believe that he wants us to desire him just as he desires us. “I belong to my love and his desire is for me” Song of Solomon 7:10 .

Wow. Powerful. Now lets think on this a bit more. Just as our heart desires, God’s heart desires us as though we were his only beloved.

God already knows and understands his investments in us. We have nothing to prove. He already made a decision to desire our love and affection back at the cross.

Conditional love is a human love, we cannot reduce his love by human love or human emotions.

If that does not make you feel especially special, I don’t know what would? What could?

If you have walked around this world empty and longing isn’t it really because of feeling unloved and unwanted?

Nothing is ever enough? Nothing is ever more than a passing phase?

Now let’s go farther.

“I belong to my love and his desire is for me. And my desire is for him” Jesus will fill the gap for anyone who tells him they need him and love him. Quite simple.

Maybe you are saying something like this to yourself. I have always gone to church, attended, served, and yet I have never felt totally filled least not after about an hour after Sunday dinner.

All I can say is, where your focus is there your heart will be also.

Focus on his love, desire to learn his word, his living word..the Bible tells all about his love for you.

I encourage you to focus on God’s desire for you, and your love.

Know that he loves you. Trust that it is true. Love him back.

You have absolutely nothing to prove to God. Nothing you ‘should’ do. Except one thing. Desire his Love and Love him.

I desire my love, and he desires me. Put your name at the end…know that it is true. True Love.

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