Are you on your own side?

In a world where everyone is wondering if you are on their side, of their opinion, for their persuasion , who’s side are you on, did you ever stop to think who’s on your side?

You should be on your own side, do you know what your side is?

The political world marks you up or down by weather you are for or against their opponents. Opinions, persuasions and consider you difficult to get along with if you are not.

I am proud to say that I am okay with being difficult to to you, if I chose not to agree with your opinion or persuasion, and if that makes you feel challenged in anyway, you may feel right to yourself, but is it right to me?

If not can you except me? My right to my values? My beliefs and my opinions?

If not I will not follow just for approval. Bad mouth me if it serves you well! I don’t care. Jesus got a bad wrap to, for all the right reasons, I know who’s example to follow and why.

Its only your opinion and maybe it means something and maybe it don’t. Maybe it doesn’t today and as more is revealed it will, God only knows.

Often you will not be respected or your choice.

Today people are abused for spiritual choices, political choices, personal choices, and many other choices. Abuse is no okay, even if you do not agree.

It angers me to hear the words politically correct, what those words truly mean is lie, don’t be yourself, don’t think for yourself, and certainly don’t speak up for yourself, if you are choosing not to agree with me, you will secretly shunned and or mocked, but I will not tell you, not face to face, but I will tell everyone else what I think of you, but only because it would not be politically correct to be honest to your face.

So today we see the real answers, conversations left unsaid, in a very aggressive way in social media mimes.

When people do not think for themselves and answer for themselves their anger is often in the aggressive mime, and more often than not, aimed originally at a particular individual that doesn’t have a clue that they are a target, an then passed on, and on, becoming the anger and vinegar of many who has no clue where or how it started.

Angry Mimes, Political red-rick, believe in what I believe in or else mime, and have the guts to pass my opinion on Mimes. I am angry and I want you to be angry too. I am in love and you need to love this to…Good Grief!

I’ll bet that not one person will share this mimes. Oh, the dare!

And of course it was an “idea bought into while actually reading the mime” probably not the real thought or the opinion of the person re-sharing the statement today.

But they are angry at someone somewhere who doesn’t have a clue, and now the opinion is repeatedly pointed at the clueless which becomes someone else’s thought 500,000 people ago. Wow, in-sighting the silent riot.

I say think before you share, think about why you are sharing this, is it your opinion?

Are you just trying to fit in?

Go volunteer somewhere you will be more popular and more respected.

Sharing may get you excepted by the mob, which mob are you joining in the process?

Who created that post and opinion?

What algorithms manage and monitor your passed on opinion? Who is surveying under that algorithm and using your opinion in what opinion pole?

Somewhere? Where? Is it something you really believe in?

Or want to be apart of?

How do you even know?

Check the Mime in the history book! Did the person in the picture really say that?

I have checked several of these and usually there is one or two words changed so the person on the other end of the mime can get George Washington or Abraham Lincoln to say something different than they originally said.

But now they are saying what the person who created the new mime wants you to think and believe that they said, changing history about their true and original quoted opinion. Fake news you will choose to believe, or in my Case NOT! I check your sources in our deceptive world.

Fake sayings, fake news!

On line media websites are are popping up everyday, not even honorable about there news. One sites byline reads:

Fake News Even You will believe!

Better Google your Google! Just because it is out there does not mean its true.

A child who reads 3 books a year is considered slow! How many did you read this year? Some adults quit reading when they got out of school, and worse yet they are proud of it, do not follow uneducated people.

My tribe knows more than me, that way I can learn from the best. My board of directors raised more successful children than I, Make more money, have longer marriages, and follow proven biblical principles, they have social media pages and abuse no one, with their opinion on social media.

Social media was designed originally to share our lives, not our cause, not our anger, not our political opinion. So if you are a politician and actually my friend share away, if not please go away!

Read books! Not magazines not News opinions, read the Bible, it covers everything about everything! Even this type of deception. Not out dated at all.

Think for yourself, Post about yourself your family, your life, personal beliefs, i will respect your opinion, may not agree with it but definitely respect it! That’s not following the crowd that’s getting really real.

Having an opinion diplomatically, is how folks talked before Bambi’s mother said ‘if you cant say something nice, say nothing at all’ Bambi’s mother originated your fear of being truthful and accepted in one single leftist sentence. The old frog in the pan.

There is nothing real about a forward! Especially if you are sending it on, and its not even what you believe.

Unless it is a lost child, or a lost dog. Definitely forward for good. And honestly I almost put lost dog first.

This post has been created over the blatant un responsible mimes I constantly see. Infighting silent hateful riots and potential un needed wars. Communicate responsibly please.

If you believe in God, you should not need to “Dare to Share” to prove it, you have nothing to prove to God.

He loves you, and he is the knower of hearts, and by no means you do not need to prove that to anyone else!

God knows what you are, who you are and who he has invested his Son in, when he chose you to be his beloved.

I will not be pushed around by a friend to share my faith because of a phony acceptance factor, or approval rating, and stature on social media means nothing at all.

I don’t need to prove it to you or God.

Even Christ did not hand himself over to the hearts of man, because he knew what was in mans heart and the evil it held and still holds.

He is the Kar-diognostes…, the knower of hearts, and friends I am here to tell you that you don’t know what is in the heart of the mime creator, unless you are the mime creator, that you chose to pass on!

Read the small print on the mimes, go to their pages and sights. Now do you still support that? Is it in alignment with your beliefs? Values?

Where was the mime originated?

What was the intentions of the mime maker? Who are and how are you being monitored for your opinion?

Still feeling free? We don’t know what we don’t know, until we know. Research and be informed by reliable sources. Get more than one opinion.

When someone screams at me louder to get me to believe them, I believe them less. I am not convinced with emotions they are fickle, the heart is fickle.

Jeremiah 17:9-10 reads:

The heart is Deceitful above all things, and desperately sick, who can understand it? I the Lord search the heart and test the mind. To give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.

Now lets talk about what you believe? If you believe the Bible, is this piece of information in alignment with your belief and interpretation of God’s word? Is it friendly? God has no darkness only light, does it bring light?

Sometimes things are funny and not at all friendly.

Sometimes even I emoji laugh at someone else’s character defects, sometimes its hard not to, a fool is a fool, and folly is folly, however sometimes we need not to laugh. I choose to not pass it on publicly ever.

What would Jesus do? When would he walk away? Jesus did walk away: Here are a few scriptures when for your reference if you have a mind to.

Matthew 14:13

Matthew 12:14-25

Matthew 8:34-9:1

Matthew 8:18

Matthew 9 24-25

In fact you will find multiple situations in the book of Matthew that Jesus chose to walk away.

We must think for ourselves, and make our own decisions, is your opinion stepping on the constitutional right of someone else?

Oh? You believe in the constitution for yourself and not for your neighbor who you are commanded to love? Oops! I am not sorry I pointed that out. I hope seeing it helps you be the change in the world, you want everyone else to be.

You have nothing to prove.

Not to God, he knows his investment to you.

Not to our friends, they accept us for who we are if they are our friends and if they don’t they are probably status friends or maybe not a real friend. We are not supposed to hang out with everyone. Not everyone is from or a part of our tribe. Its okay to let dark people go in your life, if they find the light they will return on their own.

You have nothing to prove to the world, who is just out for a piece of your flesh with false acceptance and the cost of our own soul, money, integrity, and whatever else it can suck out of you.

Politically correct has done one thing, its made liars of good people.

Made them afraid they will not be excepted for there opinion, maybe not be loved, maybe shunned in there circle. A circle that does not accept me as theirs is not my circle! And it is 100% okay!

I will think for myself, your opinion of me is frankly none of my business, I keep my self respect when I don’t care what you think.

I only care about what God thinks. I love him first. I follow him. Not you.

And in doing so, I don’t forward much. That’s what I think, that’s my opinion, take what you want and leave the rest or leave it all, I know who to follow. And I remain on my own side, no guilt, no regret. Good life.

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